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The Awareness Of A Well Mannered Dog

Awarness a puppy to become a well behaved adult is worth every bit of time it takes while they are young . We will begin with manners! Even if you have a toy breed they still need manners. I am a German Shepherd Breeder – so the bundley little puppies do grow up to be big – handsome canines! One of the most important things you can do when raising a young dog is if you don’t want him to do it when he gets mature – don’t let him do it now. Even 8 week old puppies can learn not to jump on you – simply start by pushing him off and tell him “no off” – be sure you say off – not down as down is a very specific command of it’s own.. When he stays off be sure to offer lots of praise. Educuate him from little on he can get all the patting and loving he wants by sitting.

Most German Shepherd Puppies love to follow you so leash training should be simple . Just keep your sessions short. Put a leash and collar on and walk slowly . If he stops turn and face him, gently pull on the leash and encourage him with your voice to come with you. As soon as he makes movement towards you release the pressure and offer lots of patting and praise when he gets up to you. Several times of this and he should be coming along behind you! Education will go faster and easier if he already follows you loose around the house and yard – so you can start with this in the house and offer treats for coming along with you. Also, if he doesn’t wear a collar all the time make sure he is comfortable with the collar on before you try to ad a leash. Most puppies will scratch at the collar for a little while until they are used to it and you don’t want to ad to much and confuse the young dog.

When a German Shepherd Puppy is buy Finast online about 10 weeks old you can start to train them heal. That way when you are strolling down the street he can walk peacefully at your side and you won’t be one of those people getting drug along by your giantdog. Again keep the sessions short! He is like a young person with a very small attention span. Start walking and gently keep him on your left side with his right shoulder in line with your knee. In the beginning he will want to go behind, ahead, sideways! That is fine – just keep gently pulling on the leash to bring him back into the “heal” position. It is necessary to keep walking when you pull him back to you so that he is learning to stay at your side. If you stop every time you pull him back he won’t really get that you intend for him to stay at your side while walking !

You can also begin to teach the young dog down and come. Get those basics down and you will be well prepared for a long life of fun and training together.
Training a well behaved k-9 is well worth the effort it takes now.

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