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The Best Animal Travel Provider I've Ever Used

We have two felines, 9 lbs & 11 lbs. We were looking for a lightweight option for carrying them, so going to the vet would be as trouble-free as possible, for the felines AND the people. Previously we have been implementing a big hard plastic cage. The significant issue with the cage is its weight and bulkiness.

After checking out the reviews on amazon, we chose to buy two of this carrier. It indeed is much lighter as compares to the plastic cage, however it also feels sturdy, primarily made of quality products. I like that it has both hand carry and shoulder-strap carrying options, so now I can carry both felines and still have a free hand to open/close the doors & etc. I also like the see-through mesh.

Let me mention some additional functions that I liked, however not often mentioned in other amazon reviews to help you make the decision.

1. Easy to clean– The fleece pad is removable and washable. This is absolutely a helpful feature since one of our cat urinates when she fidgets. With the previous plastic cage, I needed to clean and scrub the interior. With this bag, we can toss the fleece into the washer.

2. Easy to keep– Remove the fleece pad and the insert under the fleece pad, then, the bag can be folded flat (approx. 2" thickness) and stored away. This is SOOOO NICE as compared to the big plastic cage that does nothing excepting using up area and being an eye sore, for a minimum of 362 days from a year.

We now leave the bags out and toss treats in there once in a while to obtain the felines to like being inside the bags. They in fact want to stay in there often. Getting them to the vet is now a breeze.

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Do you feel bad whenever you leave your pet dog or cat behind when you're headed on a trip? Considering taking them along however you do not wish to risk their safety or comfort by bringing them along in just any animal provider? Well, fret no more … We got the solution for you … the BOSHEL soft sided animal carrier!

Whether you're headed around the block or across the country, the BOSHEL Soft Sided Animal Travel Carrier is the best choice of soft animal carriers to carry.

Here's why:

* AIRLINE AUTHORIZED- Strategically sized to fit most airline company guidelines- the size is 18x11x10.5 inches- holds up to 10 pounds.
* 2 ENTRIES- Select the top or side zipper entry to obtain your animal inside with convenience.
* COMFY FOR YOU- Devoid of pressure with an adjustable shoulder strap and padded deals with that allow you to lug the carrier steadily with convenience.
* SAFE- The carrier offers your animal with enough ventilation with its 3 sided mesh panels.
* ENJOYABLE -Your animal will also take pleasure in the journey by having the ability to look out the 3 mesh ventilation windows to take pleasure in the scenery.
* PRACTICAL – Has a detachable- machine washable snugly fleece liner.
* COMFY FOR FAMILY PET – The carrier has 4 small plastic leggings at the bottom for included comfortability, when putting down the bag.
* CONVENIENT – zipper compartment on side.

Add our animal carrier to your cart now and order yours today!

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