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The Critical Importance Of Fully Training A German Shepherd

German Shepherds are large dogs that came from, naturally, in Germany. The history of German Shepherds goes back to the late 1800’s which means they are a relatively new dog breed. They are a very intelligent and obedient dog breed that originally was used for guarding and herding sheep. In modern times, because of their size, strength, and intelligence they are frequently used as military and police dogs. Their obedient and loyal nature also makes them ideal family pets and are one of the most commonly registered dogs with the American Kennel Club.

Despite their loyalty and obedient nature, there is a potential downside of German buy Verapamil online Shepherd ownership. Because of their size and loyalty, they can also be dangerous if not properly trained. Other dogs and people they don’t know can be considered threats to their family and home. When this happens to an untrained dog, it can lead to attacks and bites. While there are not concrete statistics on the how likely it is that a German Shepherd will bite, several reputable organizations state that they are more likely than other breeds to attack other dogs or people. This makes German Shepherd training critical for everybody who owns one.

When it comes time for dog training, there are a couple options. Your first option is to invest in a professional dog trainer. This can either be a one on one trainer or a group training program at your local pet store. Choosing a group training class can be really good because it gives the dog a chance to be around other dogs and people, but a private trainer makes sure the dog gets enough personalized attention. A do it yourself training program is the second option for dog training. There are several good programs available including some that you can download immediately on the internet.

If you spend a little time on training, German Shepherds can be fantastic pets. They can be cherished family members that are also a great protector for your home.

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