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The Dog Mating Process

Dog mating is an impressive process however people are somehow discomfited to see dogs mating because of the tendency of these animals to copulate anywhere. The mating process is another wondrous work of nature that ensures the recreation of the dog species. There are many reasons why dogs are breed. Breeding of dogs can be undertaken for buy Roxithromycin online financial reasons. A dog lover may want to have puppies produced by the well loved pet.

Some dog owners would want to “reproduce” the ideal temperament and the good looks of a dog. Whatever reasons these dog owners have for breeding the dog, one thing is common. A healthy litter would be the common goal of pet owners and professional breeders for breeding the dog.

Long time dog owners would present a blas© front when exposed to the mating of dogs. An owner watching the pet being mated for the first time may be alarmed at the pet’s behavior. The owner will be concerned if the bitch would whine as if in pain. The dogs may appear as if trying to pull away from each other and an uninformed owner may try to separate the dogs. The mating dogs may appear to be hurt or distressed but no effort must be done to separate them. Being stuck together is a natural process of canine mating and trying to separate the dogs can result to injuries.

Unlike male dogs that are always eager to mate, female dogs would only accept males if they are in the estrus stage. The bitch will hold the best generic cialis tail to one side indicating that she is ready thus a bitch that seems to be pulling away is not being forced to mate. Once the bitch has given the invite, the dog will mount from the back in penetrate the vulva. While still tied at the rear ends, one dog will swing the legs over the other so that the mating dogs will face an opposite direction.

A dog’s male member can achieve penetration even if it is not erect. The baculum is a small bone in the dog’s male member that has the purpose of keeping the male member rigid. The mating tie will take place after the male member has penetrated the vulva. The tissues at the base of the male member get swollen with blood trapping the male member inside the vulva. The dogs will remain stuck together for about 20 or 30 minutes until all the sperms have entered the vulva. This process is nature’s way of making sure that the bitch gets impregnated.

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