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The iGroom Dog Grooming Comb Is The Perfect Grooming Comb For All Of Your Dogs

There’s no question about it, from time to time, every pet dog needs to be groomed. Whether you have a short-haired pet dog that merely needs to have a quick combing or a Maltese with a long, streaming coat that needs continual care with a brush and a pet grooming comb, your pet requires for you to take care of its grooming requirements.

We had a Golden retriever for 16 years and it was required to brush and comb him every day. While a great brush dealt with a great deal of the hair, I discovered a great comb was needed to finish the job appropriately. The iGroom Dog Grooming Comb was the ideal fit. It’s made of durable steel with narrow and widely spaced teeth. The teeth have rounded tips to prevent irritation of the pet dog’s skin. I got my iGroom Grooming Comb through Amazon. It was a fantastic price and shipment was quick.

A short-haired pet dog’s grooming demands will be much simpler than those of a long-haired pet dog. All that is needed or most short-haired dogs is that the pet dog be brushed and combed once a week.

However, there are some short-haired breeds, such as Labrador Retrievers, that can be infamous shedders. They may require day-to-day grooming with a brush and an animal grooming comb during some parts of the year to keep their shedding hair from piling up in your house.

If you have a pet with a medium length coat or a long-haired pet dog, you can rely on a large amount more grooming. Some dogs with medium length coats, such as the Sheltie or Collie however have a thick double coat so the coat requires regular grooming to prevent mats and tangles.

Dogs with long coats, such as the Maltese, the Setters the Yorkshire Terrier, Spaniels, Afghan Hounds and other dogs, require combing and brushing numerous times per week or even day-to-day.

Brush the coat with the texture of the hair in the direction it naturally grows. For dogs with thick double coats you can brush a second time against the grain and afterwards brush back the natural way the hair lies.

Then, you can use your pet dog grooming comb to gently comb the lose hair and finish the job appropriately.

These are the basics of grooming your pet dog. Keep in mind that your pet dog’s look is a direct reflection on you. Your pet dog can’t do these things for itself. It’s totally up to you exactly how your pet dog looks. Make him or her appear excellent.

I’ll close with the iGroom motto … I think it sums things perfectly – A Well-groomed Dog Is A Happy, Healthy Dog.

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A Well-Groomed Pet Dog Is A Happy, Healthy Pet Dog – Your pet dog’s coat may look excellent but it can still have uncomfortable tangles and annoying mats. It can also hide inflamed, unhealthy skin.

The iGroom Dog Grooming Comb is specifically made for dogs of all sizes and their numerous unique coats. It removes tangles, mats, loose hair and dirt while stimulating your pet’s skin and hair roots. The comb’s irritation-preventing, rounded teeth slide efficiently through your pet dog’s coat providing it a gentle massage.

Unleash your pet’s charm – This special double sided comb lifts your pet’s coat equally for simpler and many more exact grooming. The broader gapped teeth are extremely efficient for eliminating tangles and narrower teeth are perfect for finishing.

For a restricted time, your new comb will include 3 Free Perks.

– Save money with your 65-page, Illustrated Ebook ‘Dog Grooming Made Easy: How To Groom Your Dog At Home’.
– Learn from 12 monthly e-mail newsletters with useful pet tips and info.
– Shield your comb with a custom-made, micro-fiber carry and storage bag.

100%, no questions asked, refund guarantee. If you’re unhappy for any reason, return your comb for a full refund.

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