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The Not So Colorful World Of A Dog

In the eyes of a dog the world is in white and in various shades of grey. You see, dogs were once believed to have no ability to distinguish colors. Dogs are acclaimed for their heightened senses. A dog’s sensitive scenting and hearing abilities is buy Calan online what makes them outstanding guard dogs. Sighthounds are breeds highly valued for their excellent vision. One of the best price on cialis advantages of dogs over humans is the ability to see well in the dark . With dog that taking on the guarding duty, the people in the house can have a good nights rest.

It is really quite surprising that in spite of these heightened senses, dogs were once believed to have no capability to distinguish colors. Dogs can actually see colors but in a different way than what we humans can do. The fact that dogs can see colors was proven by a study on canine vision conducted in the University of California. Due to the dog’s less detailed vision, a new red chew toy may not be appreciated as in the dog’s eye the color of the toy will either be black or grey.

Humans and dogs are very similar in genetics. The cone photoreceptors that catch light and control color sensitivity in human eyes are found in dog’s eyes too. A dog’s eye only has two cone photoreceptors while humans have three. Because dogs only have two cone photoreceptors, their color vision range is only 20% of what humans have. This makes a dog’s vision about six times inferior than what we humans have.

The violet, blue, blue green, green, yellow, orange and red colors of the rainbow would be seen by a dog as blue, light blue, grey, light yellow, brownish yellow and dark grey. The world therefore in the eyes of the dog is colored in yellow, grey and blue. Surprisingly, dogs have the ability to see the subtle differences in the shades of blues and violets.

The yellow pigmentation in the human eyes that blocks short wavelengths and reduces the eyes’ sensitivity to blue and violet eyes is the reason why humans do not have the ability to distinguish the slight changes in the shades of violets and blues. Dogs do not have this yellow pigmentation thus they can distinguish the blue and violet shades.

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