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The Prognosis For Sleep Apnea And What can be done To Help Cure It

The word apnea comes from the Greek root and means without breath. Of the 3 kinds of sleep apnea-obstructive, central and mixed-obstructive sleep apnea is the most common type, impacting on roughly 12 million American people on an annual basis. Some individuals suffer from a combination of many kind of sleep apnea. The most common symptoms of all 3 kinds are high decibel snoring and serious tiredness during the daytime. Sleep apnea is most likely to affect men older than 40 and those who are overweight or obese. However women can also suffer from sleep apnea and in some cases, children as well. Women past the age of menopause may develop sleep apnea than younger women.

Devices like the sleep apnea mouth guard do work for some people.

While there are numerous programs aimed at reducing the symptoms cialis how long to take effect of sleep apnea, whats the overall prognosis? Is it promising for sufferers or not. Lets look.

Another way to combat sleep apnea is by using sleep apnea pillows, simple but effective.

Sleep apnea can be identified after particular tests are done and many different treatments are tried until one that is effective for buy Pravachol online a patient is found. Even so sleep apnea has no recognized cure and is a progressive disease, meaning it can get worse as a person ages. Sleep apnea is not a disorder that may be brushed aside as providing small thing or a nuisance. Without proper treatment, it can be threatening. One of its most severe symptoms, that of excessive daytime sleepiness can be bad because it can cause sufferers to fall asleep at moments when it is usually dangerous to do this such as when driving. It can also cause concentration problems and inattention, which can cause difficulties at work. Sleep apnea can also increase the chance of stroke along with TIAs (or transient ischemic attacks, also known in laymans terms as mini-strokes).

If all your minor options fail then sleep apnea surgery should only be the last resort.

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