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The Proper Way To Do Labrador Retriever Training

Apart from having fun with their pet labrador, dog owners should be aware that their main concern is to provide effective labrador retriever training at the same time keep these four-legged buddies physically fit. There are a lot of methods and tools said to be effective in training, however, owners must make sure which among these methods is ideal for a certain labrador.

Appropriate training begins the moment you bring your new pet home. But training at this point in time doesn’t necessarily mean involving complicated lessons like teaching how to play fetch or rollover. A new pet, be a puppy of around two months or an adult dog from the shelter, should be given the chance to socialize and to adapt to the new atmosphere you brought him into. Let him meet or see other pets, people, things and places one at a time and make each encounter with them positive whenever possible.

Labrador retrievers are often even-tempered dogs hence harsh or punishment-based labrador retriever training isn’t necessary. These methods can potentially create negative effects to your training goals and to your canine friend in general instead of improve the condition. With perfect timing, consistency and determination, you’ll be fine with positive reinforcement training, a training approach in which a dog is rewarded for doing good behavior to motivate him to exhibit that same behavior again. Rewards, also referred to as positive reinforcers can include food treats, toys, praise and time to play with the owner or other dogs. Food rewards should be appealing and really worthwhile while toys should not be too small nor contain parts that can easily break. Toys with pointed or sharp parts should also be avoided to avoid injuries.

Positive reinforcement is also a good approach to use during potty training. If you reward your dog for doing his business whenever you take him to the right spot, he will eventually figure out that he gets good things for buy Diakof online doing that certain behavior. This in turn will motivate him to keep on doing what he is doing and will soon help him develop regular potty routine.

While you are training your pet where and when to urinate and defecate, you may also start training the basic obedience. Begin with the very important labrador retriever training commands such as stay, sit, come and down for they aren’t only helpful in keeping your pet safe but also serve as foundation of more complicated tricks like fetch, crawl, roll over and others.

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