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The Ultimate Outdoor Bowl for Your Pet

Is this scenario familiar to you: the pet gets thirsty while on a long walk and its owner only has a water bottle in hand? Pet owners who were in the same scenario actually attempted pouring water over the pet's mouth, cupped their hands to act as a bowl or stopped their pets from drinking puddles.

Feeding bowls are very essential for pet owners to give their furry buddies a convenient way to eat or drink. However, one bowl occupies too much space in smaller bags. It turned out to be a common problem for owners who love taking their pets with them outside and for travelers as well.

Kavsy™ Pets mixes usage and portability for its new feeding bowls. Just add the word 'collapsible' and you are in for a treat!

'Collapse' seems to sound negative because it is commonly associated with breakdowns, failures or losses. Collapsible, on the other hand, is just a whole new level in a good way. It is the magic word for space-conscious people and travelers. The power to fold or disassemble objects when not in use keeps those people satisfied.

The collapsible feeding bowl from Kavsy™ is foldable. It is created for dog walks and travels because of its light weight, which is 53 grams, and small dimensions such as 1.5 cm. for height when folded and 13 cm. for the opening. Despite its small size, the bowl can contain two cups of liquid.

Another important thing about Kavsy™ collapsible feeding bowl is durability. Because of the silicone component, the bowl can resist chemicals and bacterial growth. Silicone rubber makes it durable when put with other objects in a bag. The bowl is dishwasher-safe for easier and faster cleaning.

The stylish color and design of the collapsible travel bowl is perfect for fun and exciting outdoor activities. Kavsy™ offers five vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow, blue and green. The heart-shaped hole near the rim is there for a reason. It can be connected to a leash or lanyard through a clip.

Humans should not have any reservation in using Kavsy™ feeding bowl for themselves. It is perfect for hiking, camping or long car rides. Just remember to purchase a separate one for you.

Have you experienced staying outside and your pet companion all of a sudden got hungry or thirsty? Can't blame you; feeding bowls can occupy much space in your bag. And sometimes, you have a tumbler in hand, but you can't share it with your pet.

Worry no more! We're happy to provide an affordable solution for you.

Kavsy™ Pets introduces the most convenient and stylish collapsible feeding bowls for you and your pet to use anytime during outdoor activities. You can use it during your dog walks, playtime at the park or long travels. When you or your pet gets thirsty or hungry, just expand the bowl and fill it with water or food.

Here are some important facts:

•This cute Kavsy™ collapsible feeding bowl can contain food or water.
•It is convenient for pets and humans.
•Put it in your bag or pocket and you will barely feel it.
•When you get home, you can just put it in the dishwasher to clean it up fast.

•It weighs only 53 grams.
•When you expand it, the height is 5.2 cm (2.2 in).
•When you fold it, the height is 1.5 cm.
•The bowl's opening is 13 cm. (5 in.).
•It can contain up to 16 oz. (2 cups) of fluid.

Fashion: We present 5 bright colors: red, yellow, green, orange and blue for fresh style.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and click the 'Add to Cart' button!

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