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The Ultimate Pet Seat Belt You Have Been Searching For

Take a moment to imagine how risky it is to have a dog sitting on your lap and kissing you all over your face while you are driving. As responsible citizens and pet owners, we should ensure safety for ourselves, other people and our pets whenever we are behind the steering wheel.

Specially made seat belts for pets suddenly emerged in the market to provide safer rides. However, some brands are expensive because their seat belts only come in sets including a harness and a mechanism for attachment to the existing car seat belt.

Kavsy™ Pets is excited to share an alternative for expensive and complicated seat belts. Our seat belt only comes as an adjustable nylon leash, ready to be connected to a harness or collar. It measures 50-78 cm. (20-30 in.) long and 2-2.5 cm. wide, depending on the size. Then, it automatically anchors to all standard car seat belt receivers.

Kavsy™ seat belts have two sizes depending on the width and clip. One size with a narrower strap and smaller clip is created for small animals.

Because of the strong, high-quality leash, your pet is restrained well on its seat. However, your dog or cat can still sit or lie down comfortably due to the chrome-plated swivel located near the clip.

As always, Kavsy™ gives importance to various color preferences of customers. We offer these choices: black, blue, green, red and pink.

Know what is best for your pet. Have a more enjoyable car ride experience with Kavsy™ Pet Seat Belt!

Are you worried about your pet causing damage to itself or your car while you are traveling together? Does your pet always disturb you or your passengers?

Kavsy™ Pet Seat Belt is just like a regular one but made for the protection of your pet, especially during possible accidents. Without this product, your pet might also harm the passengers in your car due to no restraint in movement.

Ergonomic Design:
•The seat belt connects conveniently to your pet's harness or collar.
•It attaches conveniently to cars' seat belt receivers.
•Pets can still sit or lie down comfortably but securely in the car.
•It is best for dogs, cats and other pets that can wear a harness or collar.

Fashionable Style: The seat belt is available in two sizes but with the same adjustable length. One size is specially made for small animals because of its narrower strap and smaller clip.

•Length: Both sizes of the seat belt can be adjusted 20-30 in. long.
•Width: The bigger size is 2.5 cm. (1 in.) while the smaller one is 2 cm.
•Clip: The bigger size is 8 cm. long while the smaller one is 7 cm.

A good decision to make for your canine or feline buddy is to buy our secure and comfortable pet seat belt. Just click the 'Add to Cart' button for a more enjoyable ride with your pet.

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