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The Ultimate Training Manual for Amateur Riders Vol. 2: Training Your Horse With Confidence

Back in the breeches after a ten year break.

As a busy mum there were moments last winter when I doubted my sanity after buying a new horse in the middle of winter. I spent what seemed an eternity juggling early starts, ankle-deep slush and little time to ride my new horse. But who cares about logical decisions when there is so much satisfaction to be had being with your own horse after having been without one for nearly ten years. Dalco, my new 6 year old, 15.1hh gelding, and I spent the spring months ambling around on hacks – and ambling is the right word as I struggled to get him going up the gears. Walking was fine, trotting hard work and canter, especially on the correct lead, not possible.

After watching my friend Sandra riding Dalco and her having him striding out in walk, trot and canter without problem, I felt it may be me who needed to brush up on riding skills after my ten year break. Especially as I have it in the back of my mind to have a go at the odd small local dressage competition again. I therefore had a look on Amazon – me being a Kindle fan – to see if I could find something that would refresh my memory and assist with my efforts to convince Dalco to co-operate with me rather than ignore me. There I came across the Avalon Horse Training Series: Training Your Horse Successfully. This kindle book is just what I'd been searching for, easy to understand instructions with helpful exercises based on a logical training scale.

I'm still light-years away from becoming anything resembling a competent dressage rider but Dalco and I are slowly progressing and I am motivated now again to start with riding lessons to have an experienced person on the ground to assist me to reach my riding goals. As you can see, this book has been a great help to me and if you are looking for help with training a horse then I can highly recommend it – and the price is right too.

This schooling guide will assist you to give your young horse a good start by building a solid foundation for his future or provide you with step by step instruction on how to re-train your horse if some aspects of his initial training are not established. With this logical and easy to follow schooling programme you will form a reliable partnership with your horse and get him to perform what is required of him willingly while maintaining his good health.

Every aspect of your flat work schooling under saddle is covered; beginning with the need for relaxation and free forward movement, followed by the development of rhythm, suppleness, contact and impulsion, guiding your horse to straightness and collection. The guide describes exercises that will benefit your horse; it includes a blueprint for a typical training session and a detailed schooling time table to assist you to train or re-train a horse successfully and prepare him for his competitions.

The Avalon Horse Training Series is a comprehensive set of training manuals specially written for the amateur rider/trainer who wants to improve his horsemanship skills, the partnership with his horse and the success rate in his competitions.

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