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There Are Things You Can Do About Dog Arthritis

Dogs can suffer from arthritis, just like us. Dog arthritis is very common health problem in dogs, estimated to affect around 20% of all dogs.

Some types of dogs are more at risk to develop arthritis but all dogs can develop joint problems at some point in their life. Bigger dogs are more vulnerable for this, so are heavier dogs. It is vital to keep your dog fit and within the recommended weight range.

Dog arthritis symptoms include the dog walking lamely, or preferring a leg. He may have trouble getting up, sitting down or moving about. He is likely to be hesitant to jump, e.g. on and off the sofa, or to climb the stairs. He will become less active, less interested in walks or play, and sleep more. This often results in the dog gaining weight, which makes his joint problems even worse.

Good balanced diet and regular exercise is essential for ultimate joint health. It is though not always enough. Most mature dogs benefit from being given dog joint supplement, either as preventive action, or to treat early signs of joint problems, like arthritis.

Good joint supplement for dogs can help to heal damaged cartilage, prevent joint inflammation, and reduce joint pain.

The video Arthritis In Dogs demonstrates the benefits of good quality dog joint supplement for dogs suffering from arthritis or other joint problems.

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