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Things to Consider Before Bringing a Dog into your Home

Your children have probably been begging "When can we get a puppy? Dog ownership is a huge responsibility which can be an excellent way to teach acomplia pharmacies your children. Before you adopt a new dog, there are a number of things to be considered. You and your family will need to reach concensus on what your new pet is allowed and not allowed to do in your home.

One of the first things you want to consider is dog or puppy-proofing your home. A great way to do this is to crouch down and look for perils like dangling electrical cords that would be great for chewing; pick toys and other small objects off the floor that could be harmful if swallowed; remove chemicals, paper sacks, plastic items and even plants away from the prying jaws of a puppy. And if you are planning to house train your new pet, remove area rugs temporarily until he is trained. He shouldn’t feel that this is the perfect spot to eliminate!

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Invest in a baby gate for those areas in your home where you do not want your new pooch to wander. This might also be used to separate off an area just for him. This is particularly helpful when it comes to housetraining. Also, dogs, especially puppies are curious and love to explore. To prevent your dog from chewing your shoes and clothes, make sure that he can’t access them. Make sure your bedroom and closet doors are closed.

Because dogs like to chew, buy some appropriate chew toys and rawhide bones for that gnawing instinct. Giving your puppy something safe to chew on while he is teething will stop him from chewing your possessions. Also purchase plenty of toys to keep him occupied. A bored dog can be a destructive dog! Rubber balls, tug ropes, push dog toys, and even squeaker toys are favorites of many canines. Similar to human children, pet toys should be age-appropriate. In addition, you buy plenty of toys so they can be rotated to prevent boredom in your dog.

You should have rules in place before you bring your puppy home. Is he able to climb on the furniture? Will you allow him in your bedroom? Where do you plan for him to sleep? You should know that earlier so his dog bed can be set up there. Are you prepared to be flexible and shuffle your game plan around a bit? Sometimes, dogs will take a liking to a favorite place in the house and if it is your bedroom, you will either have to teach him to sleep elsewhere, or permit him to sleep on his dog bed in that room. As with people, dogs have their own unique personality traits. You need to be able to adjust.

As well, you should should have a plan for your dog’s obedience training. A well-mannered dog is a wonderful member of the family. In addition, you will get so much more out of the doggie-human relationship if you invest in dog training buy Coumadin online secrets. Do your research and decide if you can tackle the job yourself or if you want to find a training school to help.

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You also need to plan for the times when you are away from the home? Have you thought about getting a vet? If you had to travel, would you board him in a kennel or hire a dog sitter? Will your dog have a good sized back yard in which to run? What about exercise? Do you plan to walk him and let him socialize with other dogs? These are all important issues to be considered before the family dog is adopted.

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