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Training A Puppy

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A new puppy is a joy to welcome into your home. These cute little rascals are not only friendly, they are funny, very curious and mischievous too, no different from kids. However in order for them to integrate into your family life they have to be introduced to the ground rules of your household, but as easily and pleasantly as possible, to the mutual satisfaction of everyone involved.

Training a puppy may sound a bit overwhelming – where does one begin? However, training a puppy does not need to be anything near arduous and trying. On the other hand, training your new family member can be very easy and lots of fun.

Remember the puppy comes complete with an attitude. To get the best results in the shortest span of time, all you need to do is to apply the lessons consistently, calmly and in a very gentle manner. Here are a few tips on how to get you started, in training a puppy the easy way.

You bring the puppy home, you put him down, he is bound to be curious and excited, as everything is new to him. so before you bring him into the house, remember to lay a few sheets of newspaper down around the house, because in his excitement, do not be too surprised if there is an accident deposited somewhere on the floor.

acomplia receptors Along with the costs associated with acquiring the new puppy, another wise investment would be giving all the carpets a water repellent treatment, before bringing the new family member home.

Remember, if a potty accident happens, in all probabilities it will, do not flip your lid and scream at the poor little puppy, because he does not know that what he has just done is undesirable buy Microlean online behavior. Instead, saying “No, no…”, in a clear, firm but low voice, pick him up and place him on the newspaper. Granted, the dirty deed has already taken place, but, if he is not frightened and scared by shrill chastisements and excessively frantic hand-wringing, the puppy will soon come to the party, associating his dirty act with the newspaper and recognize it as a people-pleaser. Puppies simply love to please people

One of the coolest characteristics of puppies are their in-built desire to please, which rather unfortunately is certainly not the case with cats and kittens. When you begin your training, keep this fact in mind. The puppy by intuition will regard you as the master in the relationship you are about to develop –  unless you give the puppy reason to think otherwise. Never, I repeat never, use a heavy-handed approach while training a puppy. If you do so, you run the risk of the animal digging its heels in or simply becoming too afraid of you to willingly go along with you and your program.

Patience during the all-important potty training sessions will definitely lighten your load in the future ‘sit’, ‘stay’ and ‘heel’ sessions. Granted, to you, potty training is likely to be one of the least attractive aspects of training, but if on the other hand, think of the potty training stage as an opportunity to bond with the new puppy. The puppy is only doing what comes to him naturally.

Giving him praise for the ‘right’ behavior is like a ray of sunshine to your puppy.  Give that he is eager to please, he will learn the ‘correct’ behavior and bask happily in your praises. There may be the possibility that he seems a little slow on the uptake, continue to be patient. He will get it right, eventually. In the process, you will find him paying closer attention to your wishes, only for the sheer pleasure of hearing you praise him.

So that be becomes familiar with his new home give the puppy the freedom to explore during the first few days. A puppy training program does require that you always keep a sharp eye on him. He has to be discouraged from chewing on the furniture and your wife’s favorite sweater. But bear in mind that that the key to success lies in you keeping your cool at all times, and interacting with the puppy in a calm and measured tone and consistent behavior.

After having mastered potty training, you will find training a puppy to obey simple commands a piece of cake. By now, your puppy would know all about the worst offenses. Teaching him to sit becomes easy. Biscuit or some other treat in hand, gently push his behind down as you firmly say “Sit!”. Sitting comes natural to a dog, but he will certainly love you all the more when he gets a treat for doing something that is so easy.

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