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Training Your Family and Your Dog

So you’re getting (or have gotten) a new puppy! With a new dog comes new responsibilities. It is going to be up to you buy Avalide online and the other members of your family to train, or perhaps teach is a better word, your puppy the rules and regulations. You are going to want him to learn specific commands and to behave in a certain fashion. And chances are that there are also behaviors that you are going to want to discourage or stop altogether. One of the secrets to dog training is consistency.

To make your buy acomplia 20mg target=”_blank”>pet’s training as easy as possible, it is necessary for all members of the family including the dog to understand exactly what the rules of the household are. If possible, it would be advantageous to get the family together and plan what the expectations of the house are going to be before you bring the new pet home.

Your initial list might include rules like:

The puppy is not allowed on the couch
The puppy is not to jump on people
The puppy is not allowed on the beds
The puppy is not allowed to beg at the table
The puppy is to always sit before the door is open

Once you have a clear set of rules laid out that everyone understands you have to set out a list of command words. Whatever words you decide to you use is not important, but rather that everyone in the household uses the same words for each command. To accomplish this, get your pencil and write out a list of all the basic command words you think you are going to require. Do not worry if you do not get them all since you are more than likely going to have to add to the list as time goes on anyways. It is probably also a good plan to post the list where everyone in the family can see it. In addition, if you do find that you have to add to the list, be certain that the rest of the family are aware of the new additions.

This may seem a little silly but look at an example situation where you and your spouse find the puppy on the sofa. You have been using the phrase "down" to teach your dog to lay flat on the ground, and you have been using the command word "off" to tell your dog that he is not allowed to sit on the couch. If your spouse tells the dog to "get down", what is the dog going to do? Does he lie flat on the sofa? Or does he get up and move? You have confused the dog. This is why it is crucial that all household members know exactly when and how to use each of the command words.

You also have to be certain that all members of the family follow the rules. It is not fair to the puppy if one family member lets the dog on the couch to watch TV and the others do not. The dog does not know which rule is correct and all your dog training efforts will be for not.

So to avoid these unnecessary confusing situations, train the family, preferably before you bring your new friend home.

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