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Training Your Horse Successfully: The Ultimate Training Guide for Amateur Riders Vol. 2

I fell in love with an ex-racer!

I first met Paper Chase at the end of last year when I was working as an assistant groom in a local racing yard during my Christmas holidays. Paper Chace is a retired hurdler and I knew he was special the first time I saw him. He has a big personality and he just loves to be around people. I talked to his owner and he was delighted that I was prepared to take and give Paper Chase a new home.

I then decided to re-train him for dressage and a bit of show-jumping, which was easier said than done. It was like riding a novice horse because he'd never done anything like that before. We took things handy, hacking out a lot over the winter months which really helped us to forge a bond. When April came it was time to start to introduce him to some more structured training.

To ensure that I knew what I was doing I decided to re-fresh my rather rusty knowledge on how to train an inexperienced horse. I gave the Amazon Kindle book department a try as I didn't want to spend too much on one of the fancy hard-back books. I'm certainly glad I did because there I found the Avalon Horse Training Series. Vol. 2 is all about training your horse on the flat. This kindle book I think got it right, it's not too long, but it's thorough enough for me and the exercises and training steps are easy to understand and follow.

I've now been working Paper Chase as suggested in the guide for a few weeks and with the help of an experienced instructor who is on the same "wavelength" as the guide. I feel already more self-assured and I can see that we are making progress. This book has really helped us to plan our training sessions with a purpose in mind and to set and achieve our training goals. I can recommend the guide wholeheartedly.

This schooling manual will help you to give your young horse a good start by building a solid foundation for his future or give you step by step instruction on how to re-train your horse if some aspects of his initial training are not established. With this logical and easy to follow schooling programme you will establish a reliable partnership with your horse and enable him to do what is required of him willingly while keeping him sound.

Every aspect of the flat work schooling under saddle is covered; beginning with the need for relaxation and free forward movement, followed by the development of rhythm, suppleness, contact and impulsion, leading the horse to straightness and collection. The manual describes exercise routines that will benefit the horse; it includes a blueprint for a typical schooling session and a comprehensive schooling plan to assist you to school or re-train your horse successfully and prepare him for his competitions.

The Avalon Horse Training Series is a detailed set ofschooling manuals specially written for the amateur rider/trainer who aims to improve his horsemanship skills, the partnership with his horse and the success rate in his competitions.

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