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Tri Tronics G2 Upland Remote Trainer – A Great Dog Training Collar

The easiest to hear easiest to use product Of Its Kind.  The Tri otc cialis Tronics G2 has 18 Levels Of momentary stimulation to reinforce commands and 6 Levels of continuous stimulation for situations when your dog is tempted by strong distractions.

The Tri Tronics 145 Upland Special G2 Remote Trainer also comes with these features:

Lower levels are ideal for introducing basic commands.Audio sound.  New improvements this season include a slimmer waterproof transmitter that is lighter and more comfortable in the hand than ever.

Other new transmitter features include an improved rubberized grip area;  A battery indicator light for feedback on the amount of charge remaining;  A shorter sleeker looking antenna; And a two-way intensity selector (rotation with your thumb is now possible for true one-handed operation).

Both the new transmitter and the new and improved receiver are made from Lexan- the same material used to make bulletproof products. Both the transmitter and receiver now offer a totally new battery charging system with no exposed charging port or covers to remove or replace.

The new removable rechargeable battery pack allows you to keep an buy Xenical online extra battery pack available and change in the field if necessary.  This new charging system is also a “Smart System”- It automatically reads battery capacity and adjusts the charging time as needed.  Fully charged units may be left on the charger indefinitely.

The new high speed charging rate ensures that a totally discharged unit will fully recharge in two hours which means you can be back to your sport of choice quickly.  Lights indicate charging status and let you know when the unit has a full charge.  The collar/receiver has been reduced to two-thirds of its former size and weight.

With its smaller size and improved curved shape the G2 receiver is more comfortable for all breeds of dog.Despite its smaller size the G2 receiver sacrifices nothing at all in the key areas of ruggedness reliability range and stimulation intensity.

In addition to the new features above, all Tri Tronics G2 series models include the popular features that Tri-Tronics remote trainers are already known For.

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