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Tricks To Potty Train Your Puppy Indoors Using Puppy Training Pads In Under 2 Weeks

This video will show you tricks to potty train your puppy indoors using puppy pee pads.

A few rules to this method are to be consistent and disciplined until the dog learns the behavior that the puppy owner desires. The Puppy Housebreaking Training instructions are shown in the steps below:

Phase 1.) Place the dog training pad with the quilted side up in a designated area that the puppy will be able to start using the pads (indoor or outdoor).
Phase 2.) Try to encourage the puppy to go to the bathroom on a regular schedule. Some ideal examples would be: upon waking up, directly after eating, after a walk, and before bed time. When it is time, walk the puppy over to the pad and use whatever command that feels natural (i.e. “Go potty!”, “Do the business!”).
Phase 3.) When the puppy successfully uses the pad, it is crucial to reward the puppy with positive reinforcement and even small rewards. By doing this consistently, the puppy will associate the behavior with rewards and will be more inclined to make the behavior a habit.
Phase 4.) If the pet goes to the bathroom in an unfortunate area of the house, condone the behavior and lead the puppy back to the pad. Try to teach them that the puppy pee pad is the only place to go.
Phase 5.) It may take a few days or even weeks before the puppy becomes comfortable using the pad regularly. But with consistent training schedules and reinforcement, this method has a very high success rate. Once the habit of using the puppy pee pads has been developed, move the puppy pad outdoors or in whatever location is best for the puppy to go. The puppy should understand that the pee pad is the right place to go, no matter where the pad is located. Once the puppy learns the behavior of going outdoors on the pad, remove the pad altogether and train the puppy to go outdoors without the pads.

The goal is to not have to buy and use puppy pee pads forever. There are many different methods to housebreaking pets with pee pads, but if you follow the general guidelines in this video, there is a very good chance that you will see improvement from your dog. Best of luck!

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