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Try These 7 Steps to Easy Dog Behavior Modification

Dog behavior modification is one of the first things that a new dog owner might be anxious to learn for obvious reasons. Here are seven techniques to help you:

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Tip 1:The first thing you should do is check for any signs that your dog is distressed. Check that those signs of panting, whining or shaking are not indicative of distress.To lower the distress in your dog you can calm your dog by speaking to it or just stroking it.

Tip 2:Using punishment on a distressed dog is not a very good idea, as this can make the dog even more distressed until the point where you might not be able to control or calm your dog. Teaching your dog not to create a fuss can be difficult unless tackled early and you would be advised best price cialis to ignore it on occasion rather than punishing.

Tip three:If your dog is going on hyperactive or anxious mode it is not a good idea to give them any attention whatsoever because by doing this you are rewarding your dogs behavior which will only cause it to get worse very quickly. The best time to give your dog love and attention is when they are in a clam state of mind and are not doing anything hyperactive or too energetic.

Tip 4:By teaching your dog at least the basics of obeying your,this will help your dog behavior modification. This will help reduce the dogs anxiety to an extreme as you will be capable of stopping it with just a few simple words such as sit and stay.

For more help on this topic and other dog training tips see dog behavior modification

Tip 5: Give your dog a lot of exercise to reduce the levels of energy that he can create. Depending on the size and age of your dog, there will be different needs for exercise but they all need time outdoors to burn off energy. This will not only reduce the animals anxiety but also teach them to be more sociable.

Tip 6: If buy Prinivil online your dog is behaving badly when you are out, then you can try this. This exercise consists of picking up a jacket or handbag in front of your dog and leaving the house, count thirty seconds and enter the house, greeting your dog as you do so. Repeat this exercise about ten times a day and your dog will get used to you leaving as he knows you will come back.

Tip 7: Make sure that your dog has a place in the house or garden where he feels comfortable to sleep or just relax. This will help the dog feel a lot more secure of his place in the house. Although it is very important that this area is kept out of the sun and away from any garden sprinklers as this can turn a dog off of going there.

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