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Understanding The Hearing Ability Of Dogs

Many people believe that dogs have mystical abilities. Many dog owners believe that their pets have telepathic abilities as it is not uncommon for these animals to howl and peer at the dark as if an unseen entity is perceived. Dogs are deemed to be one of the animals that have the uncanny ability of predicting death. There is nothing mystic about the dog’s unusual abilities as dog experts buy Maxalt online put down these abilities to the dog’s heightened senses.

The sense of smell which is the most sensitive sense of a dog is followed by the sense of hearing. Dogs excel in protection work because of these ultra sensitive senses. As long as a dog is on guard duty, people can sleep soundly at night.

Dog ears are “wired up” differently so that even if dog and human ears have similar anatomical characteristics, dogs can hear much better than humans. Unlike human ears that are attached close to the head, dog ears are highly movable. Dog ears can capture sound more efficiently as they can be rotated, tilted or swiveled. By moving the ears like a satellite dish, the dog can turn the ears to the exact point where the sound is coming from to better pick up the sound. This ability to move the ears is a valuable asset of dogs used by law enforcers as the direction of the ears gives a clue to the location of suspects. The type of ears does not impair the hearing cialis sublingual ability of a dog. Bloodhounds and other floppy eared breeds can still hear much better than humans.

You may think that the hearing sensitivity of a dog would have some disadvantages because our canine friends will be flooded with sounds. Humans will be inundated by various sounds that are heard simultaneously. Not many dog owners are aware of the pet’s ability to filter sound. Dogs are great sleepers and so are some people but noise that will disturb the sleep of people would not affect a dog at all.

Dogs have a trick up their sleeves to deal with their very sensitive hearing abilities. Dogs have this effective trick of filtering sounds. Watch how a dog that would sleep through deafening loud noises would instantly wake up once the rustling sound of kibble on the metal feeder is heard. 

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