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A holiday with your dog can be a really fun time for both of you. But it requires foresight and a bit of planning to make it so.

For starters, you’ll want to find out about the travel requirements for the various places you plan to visit. Some of these restrictions make it difficult, if not impossible to travel with your pet.

But all countries, even pet-friendly ones, have importation laws you’ll have to comply with.

You will also have to find out about accommodation. If you prefer to stay at a hotel, you will have to find one at your destination that accepts dogs.

Fortunately, hotels are becoming much more accommodating to people with pets.

The next important issue is travel arrangements. If you are traveling by air, use a pet “travel agency” to make the arrangements. Transporting pets is a complicated business so leave it to the experts because mistakes can be costly, and in some instances, even tragic.

If however, you are going to be traveling by car you can make the arrangements yourself, and there are quite a few things you’ll have to take care of.

First up, you’ll need to consider a dog carrier, or a special doggy seat belt to restrain your dog in the car. From a safety perspective this is a must, and in some countries it is even a legal requirement.

Take into account also that dogs can dehydrate quite quickly. Be sure to take his water bowl and some bottled water and don’t ever leave him in the car on a hot day.

Also remember all the normal doggy accessories like his collar, leash, harness, toys, bed and blanket and so on.You’ll also want to plan your journey and identify accommodation en route that allows dogs. And while we’re talking about stops, remember regular comfort stops for your dog to use the bathroom and stretch his legs.

But there is even more stuff to consider. At your destination, make sure that you buy a cheap dog tag, with your name and local number, for your dog. If you are traveling internationally your dog will have to be micro-chipped, but the id tag gives you extra peace of mind.

You should also carry a photograph of your dog with you, in case your dog gets lost.

Make a point of getting the number and location of a local vet. In a crisis, the last thing you want is to be doing is searching for this information.

Obey all local animal regulations and laws. This will normally mean that you have to pick up after your dog, as well as keeping on a leash in public places. It is just good manners to do this anyway, even if the law doesn’t require it.

At this point you’re possibly thinking if all this work is worth it. For an enjoyable, stress-free vacation in the company of our best friend, I’d say it definitely is.

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