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Weimaraner Training: Eight Helpful Housebreaking Tips

One of the most important responsibilities of every weimaraner owner is to get more information about the breed including weimaraner training. At eight weeks of age, puppies should undergo socialization, basic obedience training and housebreaking. These three areas of training are very important in raising a well-behaved pet everybody loves to be around.

There’s nothing more fulfilling than having a dog that poops and pees at the right time and place. You’ll never have to worry about urine stains on the carpet or seeing a pile of poop beside the couch. With a housebroken canine, you can be confident permitting him to roam around the house knowing that he is aware of what to do when the urge to urinate or defecate occurs.

Here are eight tips that can help you housebreak your dog effectively:

Understand your pet’s condition.
When you brought home a puppy, be aware that puppies are incapable of holding their bladder for longer periods of time hence the need to relieve often. The same may be true to dogs with any kind of kidney and urinary disease. By knowing your pet’s condition, you will be able to determine what works best for your pet.

Be mindful of your pet.
Whether you brought home a puppy or an adult dog, experts always recommend to keep track of him particularly during your pooch’s first few days at buy Gasex online home wherein he’s more likely to feel strange at the new atmosphere you brought him into. Moreover, you ought to;

Watch our for signs.
Dogs always exhibit clues before they go potty. These signs include sniffing around, walking in circles and being too restless. When these signs show up, you must bring your dog to the area you chose as his toilet instantly and let him finish there.

Establish feeding schedule.
If you feed your four-legged friends almost at the same time everyday, he’s also more likely to potty almost the same times too.

Take him out on regular basis.
The best times to take your dog out are during; upon waking up in the morning, after eating or drinking, after exercise and other strenuous activities, before going to bed at night as well as when he is nervous or excited. By doing this on regular basis, he’s more likely to develop such routine that will make housebreaking during weimaraner training easy.

Train him how to let you know when he need to relieve himself.
This may seem difficult but it’s not impossible at all. Teaching him to ring the bell at the door when he has to go out and eliminate makes life as a dog owner less difficult.

Avoid bringing him inside right away.
Bringing him back inside immediately after doing his business will make him assume that once the deed is done, the good time outside ends thus he’ll delay as much as possible. Playing with him after potty will encourage him to complete his business right away in order to have great time with you.

Give rewards.
Reward your dog each time he urinates or defecates at the area you specified. Through this, he will be able to figure out that he gets good things for doing such behavior thus will repeat the behavior once again. Reward could be treats, time to play or praise.

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