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What Are Those Dog Allergy Symptoms Trying To Tell You?

Us humans are not the only ones who suffer from allergies, dog allergies buy Lopid online are very common and can be very debilitating for your dog. Dogs may be allergic to food, fleas, airborne pollutants as well as their own fur. Finding out what buy brand acomplia is causing the allergy is better than simply doling out medication, which may have side effects. However this is easier said than done especially if your dog has more than one allergy.

The following are some dog allergy symptoms to watch for. Coughing, wheezing, a thin patchy coat, runny nose or eyes, lethargy and sneezing. How do we determine what is causing your particular dog’s allergy? And, more importantly, how do we det rid of it?

A primary cause of canine allergies is fleas. However this is simple to eliminate. Simply buy one of the products on the market that eliminates fleas or ask your vet to recommend one. Make sure you apply it regularly as fleas can’t be eliminated by just one application.

Food allergies are another very common occurrence. Dogs may become allergic to chemicals in dog food or to the actual ingredients themselves. Foods that most commonly trigger allergies are corn, fish, eggs, wheat, beef or chicken. Please note that corn is a serial offender and is often used in cheaper brands of dog food as a filler. Ask your vet what he recommends, or there are also hypoallergenic do foods available.

Your dog may even be allergic to his own fur. This is particularly common for long haired dogs. Dogs can ingest a lot of hair when they clean themselves and this makes the allergy worse. Giving your dog a good wash every couple of weeks will remove excess hair and dander. Grooming him with a stiff brush once a day helps too.

Your dog may even be allergic to the chemicals used to clean your home. Using chemical-free natural cleaners such as soda bicarbonate and lemon juice will improve the health of yourself and your dog and save money too. Another cause of allergens in the home may be mold. This can be tested for and eliminated which will improve the health of your whole family.

Dog allergy symptoms such as itchy skin can be relieved by washing your dog in water with some added oatmeal. Natural shampoos containing eucalyptus, tea tree oil or aloe vera can also provide quick, temporary relief.

Give your dog some omega 3 and/or primrose oils. These are known to improve most skin conditions in both humans and dogs.

For severe allergies, anti-histamines can provide immediate relief. However there may be side effects such as lethargy.

If your dog has allergy symptoms, it means that something in his environment is upsetting him. Finding the cause of the allergy is the hard part, but taking care of an allergic dog is relatively easy once you have identified the problem. Always ask your vet for advice if you do not know where to start.

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