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What Your Dog Needs From You

Adopting a dog is pretty much like taking on the responsibility of raising a child. It is a wonderful experience, but there are so many things you need to get right if you want your dog to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life.

This article discusses 5 of your basic areas of responsibilities in raising a dog. There are, of course, other things you’ll need to take care of, but if you are covering these five, you’ll be doing a good job of raising your dog.

The Best Nutrition

A good place to start is what you feed your dog. Broadly speaking, you can feed your dog a raw food diet, make your own dog food, or feed your dog a pre-packaged dog food. For the vast majority of dog owners, the third option is the one they will choose, simply because they don’t have time for the other two. No problem with that of course, but the quality of these foods vary greatly. It is always best to feed your dog a quality brand, which will usually be a premium or super premium product. Discuss this with your vet before deciding.

Veterinary Care

You will have to ensure that your puppy gets all his vaccinations and follow up yearly or three-yearly booster shots. You’ll also have to take your dog for a veterinary check up every year, and make provision for any medical emergencies that may occur. Veterinary bills can be expensive, so you are strongly advised to take out a pet health insurance policy.

Physical Activity

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is a couch potato or a jack-in-the-box, he needs his exercise. Make sure you have the time to provide it and the energy to keep up with him.

Lack of exercise is the main reason behind all sorts of canine behavioral problems, so choose your breed wisely. Some dogs need hours of physical activity to keep them happy. And if you can’t provide it, you will have a problem.

TrainingLike exercise, all dogs need at least basic obedience training, and most dogs actually enjoy learning new things. Training provides your dog with mental stimulation, discipline and exercise. It teaches him his place in the pack and contributes to bonding.

Make sure that you only ever use positive training methods, and do it consistently if you want to succeed.

Love, Affection and Companionship

Dogs are sociable animals who are used to living in a pack structure and therefore enjoy the company of others. The worst thing you can do to a dog is to exclude him from family activities, throw him in the backyard and ignore him. In fact, this is as bad as physically abusing the dog.

Take care of these five basic areas and you’ll have every chance of raising a happy, well-adjusted dog. Your reward will be the love, loyalty and devotion you get in return.

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