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When Your Kids Ask For A Dog Learn About How To Train Dogs

Most children would love to have a dog and they plead with their parents to get one. Most parents imagine the disruption owning a dog would cause to their lives and try to resist. The result is often that the kids win the argument but it takes a little while.

Having decided on getting a new dog you need to think about the type or breed of dog you would like to get. You may find your local dog rescue center has a selection of dogs they would like to find homes for.

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Often you will get your new puppy home and it will straight away make a mess. Suddenly you begin to understand buy L-Carnitine online you must start dog house training. A clean animal such as a dog will not want a mess near it’s bed so they need to understand where to go to do their business. Learn the secrets to dog training and start house training your new dog.

Remember your puppy is young and new to your home, it doesn’t know what to do and will be nervous. Treat it gently at first but keep a close eye on it and when it looks uncomfortable take it to the potty area immediately. Reward your dog when he does his potty properly and give him a lot of affectionate stroking.

Dogs will usually learn pretty quick but a young dog needs a lot of reminding what to do, at first. Accidents will happen and you must not get angry so try to be very patient with your puppy.

Your dog should have easy access to the potty area so he can go whenever he feels the need. If he succeeds show how well he has done by giving a lot of affection and tell him he is a good dog. He will soon learn that he is popular when he goes in the right place and there will be fewer and fewer mistakes.

More training can follow once you have a house trained dog. Your kids will most likely enjoy teaching him to sit and lie down. Put kids and dogs together and they will play for hours and practice their lessons you have taught them.

There are advanced commands to teach when your dog can sit and stay on command. Teach your dog how to behave on a leash and make it understand it must walk to heel at all times.

You don’t want a dog that suddenly runs off so teach it to ignore things it sees or smells.Your dog will want to run off and look at new things but it must understand that it must wait for your instruction.

Don’t go thinking everyone loves dogs so you should train your dog to behave when visitors arrive. You may love the way your dog licks your face but not everyone will appreciate it.

Owning a dog brings responsibilities to keep it under control as well as bringing a lot of fun and happiness to your family. Take care that your dog is obedient and prevent it being annoying for other people. Trained dogs behave well around other animals and people will see your dog is a credit to you.

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