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While You’re Chihuahua Puppy Potty Training Being Patient Helps

Before you begin potty training a Chihuahua, well any puppy for that matter, you need to know a few things that will make potty training easier and with much less stress. This really applies to any puppy during potty training but Chihuahua’s are smart and sensitive.

I have always advised people they should purchase a puppy potty training ebook before they start puppy training.

Potty training your puppy is best started at around their sixth or seventh week. This way you may avoid your puppy having learned any bad habits yet. Any puppies we have trained at this age were easy to potty train.

Given the opportunity dog prefer to have their sleeping area clear of waste. This stems from thousands of year of taking shelter in caves and dens and not wanting to soil their living quarters. Use this instinct to your advantage with kennel that’s just the right size for your puppy. You can put your Chihuahua puppy in the kennel during those times you are not able to watch him/her 100% of the time.

The real secret to puppy potty training whether it’s a Chihuahua or other breed of dog is being consistent. Don’t confuse your puppy and they will learn much faster. What I mean here is that you should stick to business when it’s potty time, so no playing and stick to one name or phrase for potty time so you don’t confuse your new best friend.

Your Puppy Will Learn Faster On A Schedule

So be sure you take your puppy to the potty area upon getting up in the morning and after each meal and you’re half way there.

We have friends who potty trained their puppy to use a litter box so the puppy wouldn’t have to endure the snow and ice we get here for about half the year. The principals are the same, it’s just the area for potty is inside instead of outside. During the summer months the dog will even ring a bell to go outside, even though the litter box is still available. That’s so cute.

Chihuahua’s are extremely affectionate so use that to your advantage and praise your puppy big time for doing the right thing. However it’s never a good thing to punish or yell at your puppy when they make a mistake. You only create a nervous dog who will hide to do bad things when you punish them.

Accidents Will Happen, So Do Be Patient

Puppies learn to read your emotions rather quickly, especially a smart dog like a Chihuahua, so keep your cool while puppy potty training and you and your puppy will get through this faster and happier.

If you follow our puppy potty training tips, even if your puppy isn’t a Chihuahua, buy Opticare Ointment online you are going to find potty training goes smoothly and before you know it puppy is trained and you can get back to playing and loving your puppy, even lots of time to teach them all kinds of new tricks. Make sure you don’t confuse them too much as it makes things much easier on you both.

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