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Why Fatty Acids Are Important For Your Four Legged Friend

Most of us realize the importance of omega oil for people but not all are aware how important they are for dogs too. Those that are aware that fatty acids are good for our four legged companions tend to think they are only beneficial for good skin and lustrous fur.

Fatty acids are indeed vital for healthy skin condition and healthy lustrous coat but they have so many additional health benefits for our dogs.

Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory properties and as such supports good joint health. It also supports the immune system and helps to keep the heart in good shape.

Omega 6 is great energy booster. Pregnant or lactating bitches, growing puppies and agility dogs will profit greatly from daily dosage of Omega 6. As do mature dogs, and dogs recovering from {accident, trauma, or surgery.

The value of Omega 9 is sometimes overlooked, but Omega 9 helps to control the cholesterol level and the blood sugar.

The finest canine Omega oils include Omega 3, 6 and 9. They should also include DHA and EPA. They are found in Omega 3 and are crucial fatty acids because of their anti-inflammatory benefits.

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