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Why Is Clicker Obedience Training Becoming The New Fad

Before we start we should go over some things you will need to know about clicker obedience training. We are going to go over what exactly is clicker training, how this new fad will help you as a new or a veteran pet owner, why this new fad is sweeping the pet industry, why the truth is that you can not screw this up, and finally my personal thoughts about clicker obedience training.

The first question in most people’s mind obviously is what exactly is clicker training? The definition that I took from Google is as follows: “Clicker training is the process of training an animal using a clicker as a marker for behavior that will earn positive reinforcement…”

Now let’s break this down, process of training an animal using a clicker. A clicker is a very inexpensive tool that makes a clicking noise to mark a training area for the dog. What is this marker for? As a marker for behavior that will earn positive reinforcement for your pet. As you can see when broken down clicker training is quite simple and easy to understand.
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There are a multitude of reasons that cialis tadalafil tablets target=’_blank’>clicker obedience training will help you and your pet. The first and foremost is that it gives you a way that you and your pet a way that you can speak the same language. Have you ever said something to a pet possibly a dog and watched his head tip to one side? Cute right? Yes cute though the reason that he does this is because he has no idea what you are saying to him. With clicker obedience training it gives you a way to tell the pet good boy or girl for that matter in a language that they will understand that they have pleased you.

The next question that I get a lot is what makes clicker obedience training so great that it is sweeping the pet industry for the new way to train a pet. There are also many reasons for this, some include that just about everybody on the planet that loves and wants to teach their pet tricks can do this. Yes, even you! The best reason that I believe clicker obedience training is sweeping the pet industry is the gentle way of teaching it offers you and your pet. In this day and age of “shock collars” and other abusive forms of training, people fall in love with this method because it is easy and gentle for your pet.

The way that this system is laid out there is no possible way that you can screw this up. Even if you did make a false click by accident, or by chance an early click, you may only be set back by a day or two unlike if you were training by voice or with just treats alone. With other methods if you screw up it would set you back for weeks on end to correct the situation and get back on track with your pet. All in all clicker obedience training is very easy to learn, and I guarantee that your pet will find it very easy to understand as well.

My personal thoughts about clicker obedience training are very simple. It is by far the most humane way to teach any pet you love to understand where you are coming from and what is expected of the pet when you are around. As well you will see that clicker obedience training will be very effective and easy to follow for you and your pet whatever kind of pet that may be.

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