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Your Friends Don’t Like Your Dog!

You heard me right…

Your friends don’t like your dog.

In any case, at least some of them do not, and they’re most likely never going to own up either.

Would you?

After all, they are your buddies. They do not want to make you believe that you have failed…
plus they are more than smart enough
to understand that insulting your dog is akin to insulting a member of the family…

Here’s the general thing…

If your dog jumps up and licks folks once they walk in your
door, your friends won’t like it. And, there’s nothing
worse than a small dog that runs over to your feet, rimonabant acomplia and lets
loose a puddle of you know what.

You may think it cute that your dog leaps into your arms whenever
you walk through door. And, you may not mind a little leak on
your shoes… however that’s because you love your dog.
Your friends merely see the paw prints on their clothes, or the
urine on their shoes.

I want you to pause here and think about it for a minute…

How would you like it if you walked into one of your friends’
homes, and their baby greets you with an unwanted shower?

Would you say to them their child is gross? Would you tell them that they need to get their child under control?
Maybe you would tell them they might consider taking some parenting courses?

Or worse, say to them that they’re dreadful parents

There’s no way you’d do that! You’d laugh it off, and build up some
random excuse so you can get out of there as quick as you can…

That’s how your friends see your dog.

You’ve gained a new friend in your new pet, however if you’re not
careful, you’ll notice yourself spending less time with 2-legged friends. ­čśë

That’s why I created the Dog Training Academy…

I love my dog, but I don’t expect my friends to like her, and
I really can not expect them too.

What I can do is be sure that my friends know that my dog’s
not gonna ruin their clothes, not going to pee on them, or even worse …

Not only that, but I appreciate that a not-so-well-behaved dog will usually
mean that it happens to be a stressed out and unhappy dog.
Canines need structure and they yearn for you to be their leader. That means you dictating when and if they
leap up into your arms and/or lap. It is little things similar to this that most people
are not aware of, but will make a huge difference in the happiness of your dog.

Be sure you’re not inadvertently alienating your friends.

For My 2-Legged Friends,
Del Refai

P.S. No, they really won’t tell you… even if you ask.

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